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You'd Think LeBron Would Be Accustomed To Being Surrounded By Nobodies

Like many of you since 1996, I missed Saturday Night Live last night, hosted by LeBron James, and have only the YouTubery offered up by NBC to go on. In this case, the monologue ("LeBronologue!" Oh, what whimsy!) was my favorite. There was also a High School Musical skit that had so much potential, but once the sketch ended, the writers found absolutely no way to end it. In times like this, you think of what David Chase would do in this situation.

I'm also hearing that the best skit of the night was called "Solid Gold," where James dressed up as a "feminine dancer." Well, I can only imagine he was certainly more feminine than certain Cavaliers dancer hopefuls.


As if it needs to be said, Peyton Manning was far better. But hey, LeBron can take solace in the fact that he's better at basketball than Peyton Manning.

James' Versatility Impressive On SNL [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

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