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Your College Football Open Thread

Our game of the morning is probably Baylor at West Virginia, though our shame expert (aren't we all, in some sense, shame experts?) told us to be on the lookout for a potential "DOUBLE trap game" in the N.C. State vs. U. of Miami game. Also look out for Penn State at Illinois, because Illinois may have been the program most openly recruiting Penn State players in the wake of the Freeh report, and thus Bill O'Brien hates them. A Pat Forde™ anecdote:

You might recall that first-year Illini coach Tim Beckman and his staff were literally on the Penn State campus after the NCAA laid the smackdown on the Nittany Lions, recruiting players right out of the dorms. That didn't go over real well with first-year Penn State coach Bill O'Brien. Since Penn State players are still free to transfer without restriction after the season, O'Brien and staff might want to be on the lookout for Illinois coaches giving their players the "Call me maybe" signal pre- and post-game.


Creepy. The Gameday dudes are East Lansing because that's where the near-rivalry (otherwise known as a "half" or "slant" rivalry) is playing out between Michigan State and Ohio State this afternoon, and Tennessee will face Georgia on the CBS. Master schedule right here, and we'll link back so as to consolidate all college football yakking into something unwieldy and confusing. Enjoy!

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