Oh please. You're not watching this game, are you? You cannot be.

Here are some other, superior television programs which are on right now that you could watch instead:

  • Dr. Doolittle 3 is on Ion at 8.
  • NBC has two new episodes of its Fear Factor reboot at 8 and 9 p.m. Joe Rogan!
  • I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown!, which sounds made-up, airs on ABC at 8. You Deserve It, a game show where contestants win money for the needy, airs at 9.
  • The CW is showing reruns of Hart of Dixie, with the beyond-lovely Rachel Bilson, at 8 and 9.
  • ABC Family is showing National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation at 9.
  • ESPN Classic is showing the 2001 GMAC Bowl, East Carolina vs. Marshall, at 9. Now that's football.

And if you're obstinate and insist on watching this shit-slinging, talk about it down here.