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We love doing this site, but, to be honest, what we might love the most are you, the readers. Your comments are the highlights of our days, and not just because you're funnier than we are. We thought we'd take this opportunity to showcase our personal favorite slices of hilarity from today's earlier post about the Vikings' sex boat. And thank you.


Fred Smoot is officially a defensive genius... first time in history a DB has been able to cover two receivers. — import
Fred Smoot the mastermind behind Cover 2. — DynaMo
Weird thing is, Culpepper got up a minute through the lap dance and Brad Johnson replaced him. Everyone thought the lap dance was far more entertaining/satisfying after Duante took off. — BadClown
the only way this could possibly be anymore entertaining is if mike tice was pacing the deck with clipboard in hand relaying sex acts to his players..."ok smoot, with mckinnie down up front, you're the back door bandit on the next play." — Large
I've seen my share of terrible things on the internet, but there is something inherently dry-heavy about the Bryant McKinnie part of this story. Those strippers should just be thankful Kleinsasser was not on board. — David Gilmore

Honestly, we've been laughing about these all day. Wanna be a member of the party? Drop us a line at and tell us why you can rock the house.

The Full Report On The Sex Boat [Deadspin]

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