Goat Wants To Be Club's New Goalkeeper; Mean Greeks Cut Short His Tryout

Look, maybe trying out for the team mid-match shows some bad timing on the goat's part, but let my man at least try to make a couple saves. His positioning looks impeccable, and forwards are going to think twice before challenging for balls in the air knowing horns like that are aimed at their ribcage. » 12/05/14 3:51pm 12/05/14 3:51pm

Multiple Idiots Interrupt Jets-Bills Game In Detroit

Tonight's relocated blowout in Detroit between the Jets and Bills came to a brief stop in the third quarter as a pair of Idiots ran onto the field while being chased by hapless security personnel. » 11/24/14 9:24pm 11/24/14 9:24pm

Dozens Of Seagulls Straight Chillin' On The Pitch At Aussie Soccer Match

These are the highlights of Melbourne Victory's 2-0 win over Wellington Phoenix. More impressive than either goal scored is that the match continued on in the middle of a veritable bird storm, with dozens of gulls just walking on or flitting about the field and players like they owned the place. » 11/04/14 6:16pm 11/04/14 6:16pm

Idiot On The Field Slaps Franck Ribéry With Scarf, Flips Him Double Bird

Just because your team was getting spanked 3-1 by Bayern in the DFB Pokal doesn't give you the right to accost Mr. Ribéry like that, Hamburg fan. Though the surprising part is how rarely soccer idiots on the field are malicious assholes like this guy. » 10/30/14 12:17pm 10/30/14 12:17pm

Player Bitten By "Lucky" Dog On The Field Wants To Name It "Suárez"

They really need better security in these South American soccer stadiums. Dogs just keep finding their way out on the field. » 10/28/14 12:25pm 10/28/14 12:25pm

The Ballsiest Streaker Photos Ever Captured [NSFW]

It's not often you get photos this pristine of one man's balls (and dong ... we think?). Luckily, photographers on the scene of an Asian Champions League match this weekend were at the ready when this fan ran on the field wearing nothing but his team's scarf and a smile. Here's the above picture uncropped: » 10/27/14 1:06pm 10/27/14 1:06pm

Rugby Streaker Tackles Player, Incites Brawl, Escapes

Streakers, even the naked ones, are usually more or less harmless. But this dude, who recently invaded a match between Newcastle University and Northumbria, is a true villain. He's the Joker of streakers. » 10/03/14 2:05pm 10/03/14 2:05pm

Chill-Ass Ronaldinho Signs Idiot On The Field's Shirt

Ronaldinho seems pretty chill. He's always seemed pretty chill, and so it's no surprise that he was chill yesterday in his second game for Mexican side Querétaro, when a fan stormed the pitch. » 10/01/14 3:14pm 10/01/14 3:14pm

Idiot On The Field At Ohio State Gets Blown Up By Coach

» 9/27/14 8:17pm 9/27/14 8:17pm

ODU Streaker Spikes Football, Evades Security (For A While) [NSFW?]

It took awhile for us to find good video of this streaker from last night's MTSU-Old Dominion game, but it was worth the wait. Here, from WAVY, is a censored clip of the gentleman who ran onto the field, spiked a football, and evaded a half-dozen security members—all while in full-on streaker mode. » 9/27/14 7:52pm 9/27/14 7:52pm

Fans Get Too Turnt When Gareth Bale Scores Winner, Start Wrecking Shit

European national teams are competing in Euro 2016 qualifiers today, and so the tiny, sucky nation Wales were tasked with traveling to the smaller, suckier nation of Andorra today. Wales are bad, but they were supposed to win comfortably. Still, it took an 81st-minute free kick from superstar Gareth Bale to give Wales… » 9/09/14 5:12pm 9/09/14 5:12pm

NASCAR Race Goes Yellow Due To Idiot On The Catch Fence

Tonight's NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Richmond went under caution with 70 laps remaining after an idiot Idiot climbed the catch fence to, according to bystanders, take a selfie. ESPN's broadcast didn't want to say much about what happened, so here is some video. » 9/06/14 10:23pm 9/06/14 10:23pm

Yep, That's An Idiot's Dong Featured On ESPN.com [NSFW]

Tonight's Cubs-Cardinals game in St. Louis was interrupted by an Idiot On The Field who invaded Busch Stadium's turf clad only in a pair of boxers. One AP photographer spotted the hooligan just as he was apprehended with his junk hanging out the fly of his shorts; ESPN proceeded to put the photo on its website. » 8/30/14 12:33am 8/30/14 12:33am

Naked Idiot On Turner Field Delays Athletics-Braves Game

In the sixth inning at Turner Field last night, an idiot on the field brief(less)ly interrupted the game between the Braves and Athletics. He was really, really, incredibly nude.
» 8/17/14 5:34pm 8/17/14 5:34pm

West Ham Idiot Runs Length Of Pitch, Takes Free Kick For Spurs

An Idiot On The Field invaded the pitch at Upton Park today, and made the most of his time in the spotlight: he took a crucial free kick for the visiting Tottenham Hotspur. » 8/16/14 11:39am 8/16/14 11:39am

Real Madrid-Roma In Dallas Fell Victim To A Massive Pitch Invasion

Real Madrid and Roma played a preseason friendly at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas last night, and at one point, there were more invaders on the pitch than there were players. » 7/30/14 9:10am 7/30/14 9:10am

Idiot On The Field Evades Police, Gets Gerardo Parra Selfie

It was only a matter of time before these things started becoming regular. Here's your latest Idiot On The Field to use the opportunity for selfie-taking, tonight in Phoenix. » 7/19/14 1:04am 7/19/14 1:04am

Minor League Baseball Fan Tries To Fight Opposing Pitcher After HBP

It got hot in the Texas League last night as a fan of the AA Corpus Christi Hooks charged the mound to attack Midland RockHounds pitcher Blake Hassebrock in the fifth inning. » 7/14/14 3:40pm 7/14/14 3:40pm

Idiot Invades Pitch At World Cup Final, Draws LeBron's Attention

Brazil's lax World Cup security was again highlighted during today's final as an Idiot On The Field made it out to the pitch for some hobnobbing with players before getting taken down by stewards. LeBron's there, and he posted it to his Instagram: » 7/13/14 4:52pm 7/13/14 4:52pm