2013 Deadspin Hall Of Fame: Let's Have Your Nominees

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Holy shit. Thanksgiving's, like, next week. That means it's time for you to do something constructive for a change by giving us your nominees for this year's Deadspin Hall of Fame induction class.


We're going to do this just like we did last year, albeit without waiting till March to finish the job. Give us a list of three worthy nominees by leaving them in the discussion below. We're cutting this process off at noon (EST) tomorrow, OK, jagoffs? Our prestigious Hall of Fame committee will sift through your submissions and present you with your Hall of Fame ballot next week, so you'll be able to vote for all inductees before you start cramming turkey into your maw for days at a time. The inductees (and their plaques) will be unveiled whenever we feel like it sometime next month.

We're looking for sports persons memes that were brought to the fore throughout the year here on Deadspin. Feel free to use this list of past inductees as your guide:

Carl Monday
Kyle Orton
Clinton Portis
Run You Stupid Fucking Dinosaur, Run
Renee Thomas And Angela Keathley
Viking Sex Boat
You're With Me, Leather


Buzz Bissinger
Will Leitch
Isiah Thomas
Marques Slocum's Fuck Lion

Charles Barkley

Sean Salisbury
Jay Mariotti
Kige Ramsey

Brett Favre
A.J. Daulerio

Oddibe McDowell's Water Bill

Now start your nominatin'.