Seriously, what else could go wrong for this guy in the blue Seahawks hat? Seattle sports squads are terrible at every level, and now ... this. He's just having a bad day. Gotta hand it to the two gents on the left who know just how to rub it in with this protester. All were part of the big Prop. 8 march in Seattle on Saturday, with more than 6,000 people demonstrating and anti-demonstrating for/against the California proposition banning gay marriage. Ha. I love this photo. Thanks to Sports Northwest for the tip, and to The Stranger for the photo. And to Seattle for taking California's thorniest election issue so close to its bosom.

Undeterred, the Seahawks fan marched on in his never-ending battle against gayness. Where does one find yellow work gloves, by the way? And Then There Were These People ... [The Stranger] Just A Bad Weekend All Around For This Guy [Sports Northwest]