A-Rod Takes His Swings

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So far, we've revealed that Cubs 2B Todd Walker is a strip club hound and that Braves closer Kyle Farnsworth likes him some booze. For the final of the three On the DL items revealed this week, we unveil the biggest name yet. First, the item:

This MLB superstar, in order to preserve his squeaky-clean rep, gives his honey of the night his hotel room key so that the lucky gal can separately meet him later. But, if he wants to keep that spotless image up, perhaps he and his wife should consider not going to those swingers' parties anymore...


The swingers rumors have been around for a while, so perhaps it's no surprise than this blind item is about non other than everybody's favorite whipping boy Alex Rodriguez. We wonder if there's even been any slapping involved there. Anyway, there's your three names. Enjoy. It's been fun!

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