Time of Death for Women’s History Month? Whatever time this was published on March 1.

Teams love to trot out their female employees once a year, usually on International Women’s Day, which is galling enough (we don’t want women in sports to be visible once a year, we want it all year round!), but not being able to find a single guy on your team to express anything women do well outside of “they birth everybody,” is really the pièce de resistance here. The video wasn’t up long; the Raptors took the piece down right quick after it started making the rounds on social media. But I was easily able to come up with something women do well outside of being “the only ones who can procreate.” For example, women can tell you when your idea for video content is going to make everyone laugh at you for being sexist jerkfaces during Women’s History Month.

See how easy that was?

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1. Chris Curtis

1. Chris Curtis

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Photo: WEEI/Twitter

There is nothing like when racism is spread on one bun and sexism on the other to make a scrumptious offensive sandwich. That is what Chris Curtis managed to pull off in a silly radio segment that resulted in him getting suspended from WEEI.


In a conversation about liquor on The Greg Hill Show, the crew delved into a conversation about the best “nips.” They decided to cobble together — live — a list of alcohols that provide the best sip a.k.a “nip.” Again, this entire conversation is about booze, not people. For those who like to nip other people, your pleasure is your business as long as it’s consensual.

Curtis decided this conversation was a great opportunity to make a joke about Mina Kimes. While the best nips were being discussed, he lightly dropped her name into the microphone. The word that was the subject of their conversation can also function as a slur towards Japanese people. Curtis took a deep dive into his racism files to hurl that one at a Korean person.

That is of course if his goal was to slur Kimes. Curtis defended himself by saying that when he brought her name into the conversation, he was talking about Mila Kunis’ nipples and had a slip of the tongue. If that explanation is true, in his mind the radio airwaves are a comfortable place to insert a woman’s body part into a conversation. A conversation that had nothing to do with human beings. Also, who among you casually abbreviates the word nipple in conversation?

Take a bow, Chris. You invented a sandwich that is perfect to be served on Yawkey Way.