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Arizona Radio Host Advocates Beaning Yasiel Puig

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The most irritating rivalry in baseball will continue into 2014, at least in the minds of some fans and at least one sociopathic radio guy.

The bad blood goes back a year or so, to a bench-clearing brawl, and escalated when the Dodgers celebrated the division title by jumping into the Diamondbacks' pool. (There were rumors that some players peed in the pool, but even if that's true, it's not necessarily malicious. It just happens sometimes.)


Enter Doug Franz, one-half of the morning drivetime show on KTAR, the Diamondbacks' flagship radio station. Ahead of yesterday's spring training game between the two teams, Franz declared that Yasiel Puig should be beaned.

Waiting until the regular season just risks lengthier suspensions. Plunking Puig in Australia would make it more difficult to replace those suspended because you're not traveling with your whole minor league system behind you.

Plunking Puig today at Salt River Field declares the Diamondbacks will not back down. Waiting around is like sneaking behind someone's back. Be a man. Take the punishment. Move on. First, however, the Dodgers must pay their debt.

"I'm not advocating violence," added Franz, as he urged a pro athlete to fling a rock-hard sphere at 95 mph toward an unarmored human being.

The Diamondbacks did not hit Puig yesterday, to the disappointment of many. Lest you be tempted to discount the ravings of one-half of Phoenix's version of Skippy and Goatface's Morning Sports Holocaust, the station took a listener poll, and the majority were in favor of hitting Puig.


Where could they be getting this stuff? Maybe from a GM who declared that the biggest problem with the .500 D-Backs was that their pitchers weren't intentionally hitting enough batters.

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