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Beer For Herbs Calls Itself "Lebron Tears"

Photo: Jason Miller (Getty Images)

An undeniable spoil of victory is the unassailable right to talk mad shit about your vanquished foes, forever, no matter their prominence nor how splendidly they performed. The Warriors are very good at this, as in the case of Draymond Green using t-shirts to mock LeBron James after each of the last two Warriors championships. Now a San Francisco brewery is getting in on the act:


Bare Bottle Brewery in San Francisco is selling an IPA called “Lebron Tears,” which bills itself as a distillation of “the tears from Sir James’ Game 1 loss.” This is all fine and funny, so long as we all continue to acknowledge that Warriors fans are now and forever a collection of herbs, and this beer with its misspelled proper noun won’t even come close to changing that.

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