Brooks Koepka Feels Really Bad About His Shot That Exploded A Woman's Eyeball

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Photo: Jamie Squire (Getty Images)

Every pro golfer hits a bad ball now and again, and some pro golfers hit a bad ball that catches someone in the gallery, but only one pro golfer hit a bad ball that exploded someone’s eyeball. That pro golfer feels guilty.


Brooks Koepka’s errant tee shot at the Ryder Cup last week blinded 49-year-old Corine Remande in her right eye. She said Tuesday that she would be considering legal action against the organizers of the tournament. Koepka said today that he’s been trying to get in touch with her, and expressed remorse for the “tragic accident.” From the Associated Press:

“I’m heartbroken and all messed up inside. It’s sad and I really am torn up about it. She’s not going to be able to see out of her eye ever again. All because I hit a golf ball. This is definitely the one shot in my career that I am going to regret.”

That wasn’t the only issue Koepka had to think about after the Ryder Cup. The Telegraph reported that he scrapped with Dustin Johnson in the European team’s room after the tournament, upsetting the European players’ wives. He denied any fight with his pal DJ:

“It’s actually quite funny to us. How could we get into a fight on the flight over? We were sleeping. It’s just laughable. I’d actually be curious to see who would win that fight, though. It would be interesting. It would be rough and rowdy. But we have never fought. That’s not our relationship. We are two even-keeled guys. I can’t remember raising my voice to him. And I don’t think he has ever raised his voice to me. Ever, in our four years of friendship. That’s not who we are.”

Koepka will have to get eyeballs and beefs out of his head quickly. He’s in Scotland to play a European Tour tournament, which starts Thursday.