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Bruce Chen's Funny Bone

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Baseball teams will try all kinds of things to keep the attention of fans at the ballpark, particularly if it's something that has nothing to do with baseball. Last year in Pittsburgh, the jumbotron would show paintings each player had draw, leading to the wonderous discovery of Zach Duke's unique talent. Apparently, at Camden Yards this year, they're trying something new: Bruce Chen's Comedy Stylings.

Orioles' pitching has been a joke. One that's not that funny. Now an Orioles pitcher is making jokes. Ones that aren't that funny. Take the Bruce Chen Joke of the Day, please.

"What do you do with a one-legged dog?" Chen asks Camden Yards fans via the JumboTron. "Take him for a drag."

"Why did the bicycle keep falling over? Because it was too tired."


We find it disappointing that a pitcher of Chen's quality cannot come up with at least a decent knock-knock joke. Though we have a feeling that Chen might benefit from a late-night jam session with a colleague. Perhaps, say, Kaz Tadano.

Heard The One About The 4.97 ERA? [Baltimore Sun]

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