Chris Snyder Would Not Like To Be A Member Of This Club

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There seems to be an overabundance of sports-related testicle injuries over the past three months. First it was Felix Pie's "twisted testicle", then Flyers' winger Patrick Thoresen's severe testicle bruising and, now, most horrifying of them all, Arizona Diamondbacks' catcher Chris Snyder's "fractured" testicle, which he will have surgery on today. Snyder was hit with a foul ball in the groin area on Monday night and later diagnosed with a "left testicular fracture."

Now, what exactly happens when you fracture a testicle? According to this handy breakdown on eMedicine, it's a rip or tear in the "tunica albuginea resulting in extrusion of the testicular contents." At first glance, "tunica albuginea" sounds like an exotic dining room paint color or prehistoric fish, but it's actually a "layer of connective tissue covering of the testicles." You need that, if you'd like your testicles to thrive, function, and not end up in your chest cavity each time you sit down. So, that's what he's getting fixed.


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