We're not sure exactly what prompted the rampage that came from @chuckknoblauch, the verified Twitter account of the former Yankees and Twins second baseman, circa 1:30 a.m. ET Friday night, but it must have been bad. As of an hour later, Knoblauch hadn't blamed any hackers, or taken down the offending tweets. We can see from the Twitter interface that they came from an iPhone, so perhaps someone took control of Knoblauch's phone, or perhaps he was having a very bad evening.

The tweet at top—"I Hate fucking dirty whores like Cheri Olvera. Scumbag nasty nigger fucking slut!!???"—refers to a lady who is not only Knoblauch's wife but Brian Giles' ex-fiancée, who recently sued the former Padre for $10 million. Knoblauch testified on Olvera's behalf in that trial because the two were then engaged. Giles later won the trial.


Until this point, Knoblauch's Twitter account had mostly been an exercise in futilely hanging-on—he promises 10 free autographs for every thousand new followers—but tonight's Twit-spree was considerably more foul.

Consider two more below (click to enlarge) from tonight—the misspelled "Fuck Cano. Haha," and the "Go fuck yourself egg boy," presumably inspired by the place-holding egg Twitter avatar of Knoblauch's interlocutor. This is weird. We'll let you know more when we know more.


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