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Cole Hamels Has Finally Acquired The Multiracial Children Necessary To Recreate His Luxury Condo Ad

Three years ago, we highlighted this bizarre magazine supplement featuring Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels and his wife Heidi shilling for some Center City real estate. One showed fashion plate Hamels listening to ocean sounds from his very pregnant wife. The other showed the Hamelses and their children, lounging about on a late Sunday morning at Two Liberty Place, looking down on the poors from their 50th floor window:


The Hamels had no children at the time.

That's changed. Heidi popped, delivering little Caleb during the 2009 playoffs, and then another son was born in 2011. And now, according to a tease for tonight's local news, the Hamelses have adopted an Ethiopian daughter. That's Reeve above, with the rest of the family.

It's hard not to notice that advertisement has become reality, whether by chance or design. The Hamels have their black child, they have their aryan child, and there's an extra bonus baby to boot.

(Please recall that it's always been Heidi Hamels's dream to adopt African children. She grew up drawing "tiny black stick figures." Congratulations on her new tiny black stick figure.)


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