Colts Immediately Cut Da'Rick Rogers After DUI Arrest

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Da'Rick Rogers was arrested early this morning for driving under the influence in downtown Indianapolis, Fox 59 reports today. Fellow Colts cornerback Loucheiz Purifoy was his passenger. Here's what the police report said, according to Fox 59.

The IUPUI Police Department pulled over Rogers, 23, at 3:35 a.m. after he was seen driving on and over the yellow line near W. 16th and Indiana St. on the IUPUI campus.

He was breathalyzed and registered a BAC of at least .08% and less than .15%.

Chances are, you haven't heard much of Rogers recently. A second-year wideout, he played in a few games last season and has been inactive so far this year. That's probably why, less than 24 hours after this happened, the Colts had a swift solution to the problem. They cut him.


He was cut by the same team whose owner also got stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence this year. The owner who, at one point in his sobriety test, was described in a police report as unable to stand heel-to-toe without two officers supporting him for fear he would fall.

In other words, welcome to the American workplace, where low-level employees are cut without a second thought, high-level players get indefinite suspensions (with pay), and owners are kinda sorta punished—except for the awkward part where you realize $500,000 and six games away means almost nothing to a man with a net worth of more than a billion dollars.

Photo via Associated Press