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Dead Letters: "Your Prayers Fall To Deaf Ears. Except For Satan. He Is YOUR God."

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Dead LettersWelcome to Dead Letters, the feature in which we reprint our favorite reader mail. We should take this moment to remind you that all emails to Deadspin and its editors and writers are on the record unless otherwise specified. Now for your letters.

Subject: None

From: Roger Edwards

To: Samer Kalaf

You need to know the One True God, Jesus Christ. All others are false.

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Subject: MSU home page

From: Buzz Berube

To: Samer Kalaf

No matter what your subject material is you language does not have to be so despicable. My 8 year old grandson used to be allowed to read the MSU basketball home page but you have now made it impossible without me reading it first. Please consider your audience.

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Subject: Engler

From: eakoza


You clearly show your ignorant uninformed biased in writing about this accomplished gentleman. Go play with your coloring book. You are are an incompetent fool.

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Subject: (no subject)

From: Paul Sidwell

To: Albert Burneko

Jealous much? Bauer MLB star. You online writer for shitspin. Lol. Prob need your diaper changed after Mueller report. Maybe your boyfriend can change for you

Subject: (no subject)

From: Paul Sidwell

To: Albert Burneko

Holy hell I just noticed you have about 35 articles about Bauer. Damn dude got a little crush on him? Faggot


Subject: Kenny Goins

From: Craig Winston

To: Lauren Theisen

No longer being sent articles from Dead Spin. Credit to you and the college debt article.đź‘Ž


Subject: You are a dude....Ray Knight fucked my GF

From: Michael A

To: Lauren Theisen

[No text.]

Subject: When are you writing about Hockey again...

From: Joe

To: Lauren Theisen

Please write another article about hockey!!! I need more paper for my fire place!!

Your next article, if you somehow still have a job, should be an apology to all NY ISLANDER fans!!!

Next time do a little research and stay away from writing about hockey. I think your barely qualified to write “Help Wanted” ads where you could possibly get something right!

Great job!


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Subject: Nuggets Frauds?

From: Ryan Strand


Hey Deadspinners,

Thanks for your article about how to pitch stories to you. TL:DR.

The nuggets are frauds. It deserves an investigation. Thanks for your good work.


Subject: Is Twitter your safe space?

From: Jake

To: Megan Greenwell

Hi Megan

Really have a hard time believing how thin your skin is especially for being involved in sports. You reported me for saying a comment that had no swears and was not threatening in the slightest. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that you grew up getting a trophy for everything. Probably have been bubble wrapped in your safe space your whole adult life. Now you’re at the point any criticism at all is offencive to you. Honestly the whole thing just saddens and disappoints me.


Subject: Possible tip

From: Anderson Lewis

To: Laura Wagner

Laura in reading your deadshit peace I see that you’re extremely troubled by any viewpoint that is divergent from your own. You live in a liberal bubble and probably have night mares about schools like liberty and maybe even chick fil a. You better get used to it because there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it and they’re going to keep being successful and you’re going to be troubled in your simple little. There’s more Trump supporters out there than you can possibly imagine so strap in you low IQ liberal twit.


Subject: Intolerant

From: Scott Johnson

To: Laura Wagner


As a graduate of LU, I see you have some bold words to say about a Christian college. I think your main issue is with the God who made you. The Bible says in Romans chapter 1 that homosexuality and lesbianism is a sin and an abomination to a holy God. God says in his word that life starts at conception and that you were made in his very image. The Christ that you so flippantly write about is the only one that has ever died for you and stands ready to offer you forgiveness for your sins Just as he did for me.

I dare you to write the same way about a liberal college or organization and point out how intolerant they are when you don’t agree with them. You’re a perfect example of Intolerance!!

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Subject: Give me Liberty or Give Me Death

From: Bill T

To: Laura Wagner

You are a repulsive excuse for a human being. Your prayers fall to deaf ears. Except for Satan. He is YOUR god.


Subject: (no subject)

From: Brad Smidt

To: Laura Wagner

Laura, you need help. Just because your not a Christian doesn’t mean you can bash them. Not everyone has to agree with your liberal way. Its pretty simple God created man and woman for a clear purpose. Its obvious to see, they fit together perfectly, the way God intended it. Two men having anal sex with one another obviously isn’t normal or natural. Its disgusting! Two women together also isn’t normal or natural. Pretty obvious. We were designed by our Creator to procreate and enjoy the recreation of lovemaking the way it was intended. . Read the book of Genesis for reference.

My gay friends are miserable, depressed and have shared with me, that they know their lifestyle is wrong. Let’s stop trying to fool ourselves into believing the gay lifestyle is normal, because it isn’t.

I love my friends but I disagree with their lifestyle, and they understand that. We don’t hate each other, we disagree in respect to one another.

How bout you do the same, disagree with the Christian faith, but don’t hate us.

God Bless,


Subject: Liberty

From: Howard James

To: Laura Wagner

Put yourself out of your misery and go jump.

What a narcissist haha

Subject: Liberty college

From: Carl

To: Laura Wagner

You must be praying to another god rather than the one’s thats in my bible . Liberty has it right on the issues you mentioned according to my Gods word but i can tell he’s not your authority. A basketball game doesn’t determine where your going to eternity. The truth in Gods word does. Satan is a loser so I’m sticking with the truth in the word of God

May God have mercy on you on the day of judgement as well as I.


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Subject: Article.

From: Robert Davis

To: Laura Wagner

You stupid idiot. Praying against a Christian school? I hope God gives you what you deserve. You do not get to dictate what is moral.


Subject: Bad News

From: Tim

To: Chris Thompson

Your columns are just negative garbage. You must be a miserable nut with a horrible life.

Makes me glad for my great life, friends and family

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Subject: Article on ben simmons

From: Mavis Stapleton

To: Chris Thompson

I would never visit deadspin but I click headlines on my phone news feed occassionally. To witness the American brain drain on full display.

Your probably under 27 and went to a public school. You’re grasp of actual world history is probably very weak, distorted, emotionally-charged and incomplete.

History of Islam is on full display throughout it’s history from it’s founding, solely based on conquering through violence.

Islam is not a religion it’s a war cult just like the Catholic Church....there are peaceful aspects that are facades, but under the surface they function as a supranational government .....coerce and subvert their host nation state and indigenous people.

I am sick of hearing people apologize for Islam. I was against the war in iraq, I am against. continuing the Syrian conflict and Yemen civil war. Bring all American troops home from the middle East and Afghanistan, that’s been my opinion since 2003 based on studying history and current events. But relying on history not social media commentators looking for likes and shares.

Islam should not be given an opportunity to grow in this country or any country where in which the indigenous people/current civilization don’t agree with the way they conduct their lives. We can read the news every day in western Europe Islamic immigrant flooded cities..... murder, rape, drug running and acts of terrorism. Utrecht, Turkish islamist shot a women on a train and anyone who assisted the women got shot as a result then he ran off. Last week in Nigeria over 100 Christian’s were shot up, burned alive and hacked to death. More people die from Islamic terrorism then any other form of terrorism groups. It’s just a fact. It’s a 7th century backward ass war cult.


Subject: Seattle Mariners story

From: Dave

To: Chris Thompson

Sounds like they are paralleling the general societal Feminization that has been in the works for 10-15 years

And the pendulum swings

Dave Nebraska

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Subject: The vile St.Louis Cardinals

From: Ethan Bradley

To: Chris Thompson

I read your “article” about today’s Cardinals loss. I don’t mind disparaging remarks about the Cardinals, when it is objective. But putting vile Cardinals in the headline is clickbait and it is biased. I don’t care if you’re from the North side. You’re supposed to be a journalist. How does needlessly disparaging a team help your career? No offense, please don’t sent to bed without dinner. Yuck!


Subject: Tip: Robert Kraft

From: Aru Gula


Stop pretending you’re journalists.

No one wants to see a video of a seventy year old grieving widower getting a hand job you fucking weirdos. You’re basically gawker if gawker had Down syndrome.

Fuck off.


The entire country.

PS keep up the good work.

Subject: Here’s a thought...

From: Chuck P

To: Barry Petchesky

You’re a fucking tool and your shitty opinion of the Jets new uniform is isiotic and irrelevant. Have a nice day asshole.


Subject: I just read your Eli piece

From: William Walker III

To: Barry Petchesky


You are incredibly silly.

Sorry for the brevity, sent from Bill’s iPhone.

Subject: NHL

From: P J Moore

To: Barry Petchesky

Hello Barry,

I read your article on the NHL vs WH. Athletes, you got to wonder why they get paid so freaking too much! It seems they lack manners and do not appreciate a visit to the WH that is so beautiful, regardless of who is the President. Sports is almost gone because they have become such crybabies.

They have their heads so far up each other’s behinds, it is getting ridiculous. People should ignore them and move on to something like the outdoors and beer drinking on some lakeshore while stating their opinions-freedom of speech but keep some respect and leadership skills if you are being watched by children.

As far as racism? Have you been to Louisiana and felt comfortable around a lot of the citizens? Have you been to Biloxi, Mississippi? I dare you to go to North Tulsa, OK. NO! Please do not! Go to Biloxi, MS w/o any announcement but do not show your badge of media…go find out. Who is the most racist! Trump is not the sharpest knife in the WH and harmless.

Once I was minding my own business and stepped aside so another person could pass and verily swiped the arm of a black person and that person jerked their arm away like I had a disease. “Do NOT touch me!”

When people defend the racist, they need to include everyone. I do not like the fact that blacks are getting arrested, shot or harassed but do not go walking the streets at 1:00 am. They expect rose petals and a red carpet, but so does everyone. Native Americans are getting shot, raped and murdered. I do not hear one thing about that!

I am not racist and I do not accept the world is against blacks. It seems Charles Manson’s plan is working truly well. Head games. You should focus on the good in this world…it’s 90%, and ignore the 10% bad. We have some crazies to share this piece of dirt with but crazy meets more crazy does happens.

Donald Trump does not care what any hockey player thinks, he is trying to act the role of the President. Who cares. Who cares? Not the President, that is for sure.

Have a great day! Thank you for your time!

Ms. PJ Moore

It is a season of cockfighting back in the yards of the WH…Thump is winning in his ring but not mine. : (

Staff Writer, Deadspin

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