The year is coming to a close, and as such it's time for the Deadspin Hall of Fame. We'll be presenting our roster of nominees starting tomorrow, with the candidates deserving of induction to be unveiled next week. In years past, the Hall of Fame announcement has coincided with our end-of-the-year SHOTY competition. Going forward, we've decided to dispense with the SHOTY. Just because.

We requested your suggestions for possible Hall of Fame worthies back in September. While our tireless Hall of Fame committee has compiled a list of the five we think we're going to put forth for your consideration, we'd like to give you one last opportunity to offer up someone else we might have missed. Just leave your choices in the comments, and be sure to check back tomorrow when we present our first nominee.

As a guide, here are the inductees from previous years. As always, 75 percent of the vote is the threshold for induction:

Carl Monday
Kyle Orton
Clinton Portis
Run You Stupid Fucking Dinosaur, Run
Renee Thomas And Angela Keathley
Viking Sex Boat
You're With Me, Leather




Buzz Bissinger
Will Leitch
Isiah Thomas
Marques Slocum's Fuck Lion

Charles Barkley


Sean Salisbury
Jay Mariotti
Kige Ramsey

Fire away.