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Dog Days Of All-Star Week

What a dull week.
Not a happy time at Dan Shaughnessy's Amazon page.
• Everywhere you look, there is Spike The Super Ball.
• Kige Ramsey makes the world a better place.
Have a Coke and smile.
• Jared Allen, signing things that aren't fun to have signed.
• We hear Simmons is definitely doing an NBA book.
Dane Cook, Mr. Baseball.
Weeeeeeee go the kids!
Give all you can give to Mike Greenberg.
Thank God for Brady Quinn.
Freaking La Russa.

That'll do it for us, kids. Your weekend rock star is J.E. Skeets of The Basketball Jones. He's Canadian, so make him feel welcome. We will see some of you at the Philly Pants Party — Cardinals sweep! — and the rest, see you Monday.

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