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Fetuses Are Now Tebowing

We've said for a while now that this whole Tebowing phenomenon had no where else to go. We've run piece after piece hammering the nail in the meme's coffin. Denied three times, and it persists.


Gaze upon this Tebowing fetus and hear the good news: "blubblublubblubmnphhhh." Thanks to Google translator we were able to decipher its (sex: undetermined) message, which was "Can barely talk through all the amniotic fluid-but 'rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.'"

Tebowing has a hearbeat yet! Unless it's a fake, that is. But, as Tim would ask us, suspend your disbelief and just have faith in all that is good.

We should know better—It's our own fault, really—It is the man's season, for his father's sake. We now realize, regardless of recommendations to the contrary, that this Tebowing thing will not end prematurely.

H/t Harrison

Ultrasound of Baby Tebowing Beats Every Other Photo Of Tebowing

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