Giants CEO Larry Baer Will Not Be Charged For Pulling His Wife To The Ground In Cell Phone Fight

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San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer was involved in an ugly public fight 
earlier this month with his wife, Pamela; video showed what looked like Larry Baer dragging her off a metal chair and to the ground while struggling to wrench a cell phone out of her grip. Police were called to the scene and interviewed witnesses, then the case was turned over to the San Francisco district attorney’s office. Today a spokesman for the DA said the office was declining to press charges against Baer, citing the findings of its investigation:

“After a careful review of the relevant evidence, including multiple videos, statements from several witnesses and the parties themselves, the evidence does not support filing criminal charges,” said Alex Bastian, a district attorney’s office spokesman.

Larry Baer, who has been involved with the Giants since 1992, previously said in a statement that what was shown on the video was the result of Pamela Baer having an injured foot, leaving out the part where the video shows him physically pulling her and her chair. Three days after the video was published, the Giants announced that Larry was taking an indefinite leave of absence from the team.

A report from the San Francisco Chronicle says a video from a nearby clothing shop shows Larry and Pam Baer arguing for “roughly 25 minutes,” with Pamela Baer at one point snatching the phone away from her husband. That video, which has not been made public, reportedly “helped prosecutors in making their charging decision.” Here is how a source described the video to the Chronicle:

The video shows Baer and his wife in a verbal argument for roughly 25 minutes before things get physical, the source said. At one point, Baer is seen looking at his phone and showing it to his wife before she reaches for it, the source said.

Pam Baer unsuccessfully tries to take the phone a second time before eventually grabbing it from her husband, the source said. The video, according to the source, shows Larry Baer then trying to get the phone back, but Pam Baer puts her body between him and her right hand holding the phone.

Larry Baer goes for the phone a third time—this time while a nearby witness recorded the now-infamous video of them—and knocks his wife to the ground.


Baer is still subject to potential punishment from Major League Baseball, which under its current domestic violence policy has punished multiple players for domestic violence allegations that did not result in criminal charges.

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