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Greatest Squash Photo Ever Photoshop Contest Was Kind Of Lame

But this one produced a minor chuckle. So congratulations to commenter "Achiever" for earning his gold star. Please send me your real life info so we can also send you shit from our desk. Email is Use it.

Check out the rest of the entries right here, if you must.


Some other announcements:

* Ken Tremendous and the rest of the FJM crew send thanks for helping them reach the $5,000 mark. Your benevolence is awesome. Next year, we'll go for more.

* Can you please sign up for the Deadspin newsletter?

* We should know more this week about the state of some photos that may be of interest to you.


* Thanks to Judah Friedlander for stopping by the office today. He was exactly like you'd expect. Video up tomorrow.


Also? Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Wednesday breaks my heart, too, so bring on Thursday where we'll all fall apart.

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