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Joel Embiid Crushes Tennis Balls At The Public Courts In Philly

The NBA will start its season soon, and its behemoths are running rampant across the nation. Boban Marjanovic is busy flipping-a-chick at the State Fair of Texas, and Joel Embiid is back on the public playgrounds of Philadelphia.

A tipster saw the Sixers center at Schuylkill River Park this weekend, with girlfriend Anne De Paula, a trainer, and “some other dude who was not in shape,” as well as his dog, Klaus Hinkie De Paula Embiid. In one highlight reel, Embiid showcases all the fundamentals of tennis: a forehand slice approach shot, quality shit-talking of a doubles partner, and a thrilling if illegal overhead smash. (Can’t touch the net with your racket.) It’s generally a fantastic idea for any Embiid-shaped tennis player to loiter at the net and dare every fool to try a lob.

Just be careful, Joel! It’s very easy to get hurt playing tennis. You might trip on a loose ball, fall, and end up with diarrhea. Anyway, here’s Klaus:


H/t Shom

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