CBS broadcasters Jim Nantz and Phil Simms had a very telling debate about Greg Hardy during the first half of today’s game between the Cowboys and Patriots. This was Hardy’s first game back since his suspension following accusations he violently beat up his then-girlfriend and threw her on a pile of firearms. (The case was dismissed when the woman didn’t appear for court.) He’s since shown no remorse, making gross, sexist comments about Tom Brady’s wife, saying he planned to return “guns blazing,” and been found in this stripper-heavy rap video.

Hardy is by all accounts a horrible human—and an excellent pass rusher. Nantz starts the conversation, pointing out that Hardy’s comments were “absolutely outrageous, unrepentant” and “there was nothing funny about it.”


Simms offers a counterpoint, asking “Would he still be out there if he wasn’t such a dynamic player?” He then says what probably was going through Jerry Jones’s mind when he signed the player: Hardy might make them a Super Bowl contender.

The discussion takes place over three minutes, starting during a play and then continuing after the field goal, and is worth listening to.


Video via CBS