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Illustration for article titled Mike Francesa Stirred From Years-Long Nap To Appear In Feature Film
Screenshot: YouTube

Apologies to Kevin Garnett, but he’s been upstaged by Mike Francesa as the most intriguing sports-adjacent figure to appear in the upcoming movie Uncut Gems. In the anxiety-inducing trailer, radio’s drowsiest fella dons pinstripes, fits the film’s NYC milieu perfectly, and nails his line delivery: “Well I’ll tell you what I know, that’s the dumbest fuckin’ bet I ever heard of.”

Though he’s seemingly referred to as “Gary” in this exchange, Francesa is billed as “Anthony,” a bookie who will appear in two or three scenes, per the New York Post. The Safdie brothers, filmmakers who focus on their native New York, deserve all credit for making Francesa appear alert and even lively, in stark contrast to the entirety of his WFAN comeback. Just don’t ask him to name an active Boston Celtic.


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