More Angry Voicemails: Crazy Self-Described "Lesbian On Top" Leaves Crazy Message

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Ever get a phone call from someone that was wrong number and wonder if it wasn't a wrong number at all, that it was just some crazy person dialing random numbers so that they could hear someone's voice? Reader Sebastian knows the feeling:

First off I have no clue who this person is but my Vonage Visual Voicemail system recorded it and emailed it to me (with nifty transcribed message). I know sometimes you guys put up random ass or pissed off voice mails up on deadspin so I thought what the hell.

What the hell indeed. Two choice quotes: "Everything about him is like 56," and "I'm gonna put all this out here to kill me as a lesbian on top to survive," and "this goddamn Willkie doesn't remain president for 20 years." No doubt. If you have any angry voicemails, you know where to find us.

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