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Readers Sound Off: You'll Never Be Half The Man Joe Paterno Was, Señor Dickcheese

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Dead LettersWelcome to Dead Letters, the feature in which we reprint our favorite reader mail. We should take this moment to remind you that all emails to Deadspin and its editors and writers are on the record unless otherwise specified. Now for your letters.

Subject: Paterno

From: Chad Newton
To: Tom Scocca

Sorry bro, the tide has already turned since his death - history will remember Paterno as a great man. His death and the memorial actually served to remind people just how many incredible things this man did for other people and the university. You’re trying to tell me that a guy who donates $2 million to build a library on campus would knowingly let child rape occur? Give me a break.

Can I remind you again, Senor Dickcheese, that this case was thoroughly investigated and Paterno was not charged with any wrongdoing?

But nice try - I mean, your job is to try to stir up salacious shit working for that tabloid Deadspin. Must suck to have to rifle through people’s trash every night though.
Is it really worth the $25,000 a year?

Wishing you enternal warts on your microscopic dick-

Chad Newton

From: Brendan McNamee
To: Tom Scocca


I’ve seen about enough of your righteous indignation with Joe Paterno. Get the fuck over it. You’ll never be half the man Joe Paterno was. Most of us won’t. You can stop trying to drag him down now.

Let’s not forget who your readership is… they came to your site to see Brett Favre’s dick. Or Greg Oden or whatever other loser texted a photo of the cock for you to uncover on your little blog.

You’re NOT a serious reporter. If you were… you’d fact check. You clearly don’t. If you did, your articles would basically be one long future correction.

Now, that the man is dead and people are recognizing him for the person he was, you’re attacking THEM? In your wettest dreams, you’re no Joe Posnanski. The man has more awards on his shelf than you have cock-pics on your iPhone. And yet, because he’s honest, does research, goes and actually meets and interviews the subjects of his stories, instead of rehashing unconfirmed blog reports, you want to tear him down too. Lovely.

Do us all a favor… crawl back into your little hole and go back to being a TMZ sports hack. I think Andy Dalton was out at a strip club last night… I’m sure there’s a photo out there for you to find.

With Disappointment,

Brendan McNamee

From: B
To: Tom Scocca

Says a big FUCK YOU.....

You call yourself any kind of probably got it up your ass a few times and are just bitter now.

I hope you get hit by a fucking bus.

From: Tom Scocca
To: B
Thanks for reading and writing in. Best wishes in life.

Subject: Hoops

From: James Shepard
To: Emma Carmichael

You don’t like Duke because they have black players who “act white” and you love Jeremy Lin because he’s an Asian in the NBA. Your blatant racism is even worse than the fact that you are flat chested and ugly.


Subject: Tim Thomas

From: Brian Lockrey
To: Jack Dickey

Some people—namely John Henry and Theo Epstein—boycott their team’s appearance at the White House when the occupant was someone you don’t like and we can’t seem to remember a certain Jack Dickey having a problem with it.

Hypocrite much?

Brian Lockrey
Of the real, reality-based community

From: Rocky Wilske
To: Jack Dickey

Mr. Dickey;

Why don’t you add to your article, Michael Jordon - a black man - snubbed President Bush in 1991. If you are going to insert the race card in your writings. Do it fairly. While you are at it, why don’t you also check the voting record of Mr. Jordan.
By the way. Voting is a privilege, not a requirement or a law. Mr. Thomas’ voting record has nothing to do with his First Amendment rights exercising free speech.


From: Rex Rexroth
To: Jack Dickey

Hi Mr. Jack Dickey,

This is regards to your email about Tim Thomas’s voting rescord or lack there of.

You’re really not making a point. He dissed the whole government when he protested the Presidential visit. He used his platform to influence more people with his statement than his one vote could have in this overwhelmingly blue state.

If you were not an ignoramous, you would be able to understand that the federal government is too large to sustain itself. It is impossible to compare the model that our forefathers set for us to the model that exists today.

Bravo to Thomas for standing up for his beliefs.

Not go eat it.


Not a fan of Dickey

Subject: ????

From: Trevin Smith
To: Barry Petchesky

Tell me something......which team do you support, if any at all? Nobody feels sorry for the Ravens. We all saw the game and how it all went down. That’s playoff football at its best. You’re scrutinizing the way every team or leader of a team does after a big lose. I played football all my life and for you to put out something like this is absurd. This is what goes on in every locker room if you knew anything about a team sport. He praises Flacco because of the rumors the media(people like you) that have been flirting with all through sports TV shows, radio, etc.....! You say he absolves Cundiff without mentioning him at all. How do you know he didn’t already speak with Cundiff? So he’s suppose to put Cundiff in his speech because he missed the field goal. Hmmmm!! If you’re going to talk about any opportunities that any player had. Then why didn’t you put in your article about how Lee Evans dropped the touchdown in the end zone that could have probably won the game. didn’t put that in your article which now raises some questions that may be a bit out of hand. So I am just going to leave it at that. The big picture here is “TEAM,” and how the “TEAM” should bounce back and not hold their heads down, because people in the world have bigger problems they are dealing with. Next time think outside the box. If this is your job, you need to do better! Barry Petchesky, what is that Russian? You probably don’t know a thing about football......your article pointed that out. *Its more to it that just winning and loosing* (not about individuals)


Subject: Half time show

From: Jaudi Roman
To: Brian Hickey

Hello, I read the article and saw the video. All I can say is that I’m shaking and amazed to see this. I am a Christian, and know about the end of times.

Can you tell me the people who did this are they respectful and knowlegeable about the word of God? I will like to read more on the people who did this article. Can you give me a website or some type of info, please? Thanks JR

Subject: Blood Week

From: Mike Lopez
To: The Staff

Good God. I have been an avid reader for a long time, and I have never seen anything as awful as Blood Week. It’s not the blood itself, but the idea just has no substance. And that “Faces of Death” post is abhorrent. I can only imagine how many complaints you’re getting, starting with starred commenters. Get your shit together.


Subject: Who is Deadspin?

From: John Starks
To: Tommy Craggs

I lost my star for calling Stefan Fatsis a weeping cunt, and suggesting that he suck a dick. While I might choose to reconsider the exact words I used, he WAS being a cunt. But I am sorry.

My issue is not my star and commenting, because that’s not important. What is important is that I need Deadspin to be Deadspin. It’s not just a funny blog to waste time on, although it is that, too. It is really the only thing that we have to fight back against the tyranny of sports media, and media in general.

My story is probably very similar to many people, in that I came to Deadspin because I needed to find like-minded people who were beyond irritated with sports media. So yes, I came to Deadspin out of hate. Because I hated Colin Cowherd, Joe Buck, Pam Ward, Terry Bradshaw, Dickie V and every other asshole that these massive media conglomerates have shoved down our throats, as if we cared about anything but the games. If I wanted to watch IU versus Purdue on Saturday, I would have to suffer Pam Ward, even though she’s terrible (not because she’s female, but because she is inarguably terrible). But these people took our viewership as an endorsement of the terrible people they force upon us, talking over the game.

People like Cowherd are another story, because they have taken the Limbaugh, Colter, Maher, Olbermann bomb-throwing, provocateur bit to another level, and turned it to sports. I can’t even discuss people like that without being filled with impotent rage. Impotent because I can do nothing about the fact that people like that draw huge ratings. For the love of God, Cowherd’s entire schtick is that sports fans are morons, and ESPN gives him a national radio show.

This kind of stuff is infuriating. And grossly unfair to sports fans. If a movie is horrible, people don’t see it. It tanks, and its detractors can dance about its corpse with glee.

But you can’t do that with sports. I will watch a golf tournament because I want to see the golfers and the course. So I must suffer Jim Nantz. As I must suffer Troy Aikman, and Collingsworth and all the rest of their hideous brethren.

Sports are the one thing that you can’t “vote with your remote.” If you want to see the Giants game, you’re going to watch, no matter who they force upon you, and no matter how many robots are dancing around your screen.

I always believed that Deadspin was the one place you could fight back. Its size and notoriety are its biggest assets. No one will ever give a flying fuck what a hilarious blog like KSK has to say about something. Most every sports blog can do podcasts, tweet and post until they are blue in the face and it will not matter at all. It doesn’t move the needle.

You all are the only ones who can make a difference. If you don’t tear apart sports media, no one ever will. And sports media is the one thing that, no matter how much we hate it, we cannot turn off, because we love the game.

I want so bad for Deadspin to be that thing that sets us free. Set us free to enjoy the games. Destroy those who have somehow come to believe that they are the reason people are watching.

These assholes hijacked sports. Deadspin used to be the one committed to taking them back. Where is that now???? You can say whatever you will about AJ’s dong shots and all that, but he gave the site the gift of popularity. PLEASE use all that capital to fight for us.

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