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Reds Third Baseman/Superhero Todd Frazier Has Been Crafting His Legend For Years

You already know about Todd Frazier's mythical ability to hit home runs without the use of his hands, as well as his unmatched heroism in the face of murderous chunks of steak, but did you know that Todd Frazier has been making a legend of himself since he was a child?


A tipster, Gordon, alerted us to the fact that Todd Frazier played for the Little League World Series champion team from Toms River, NJ in 1998. According to Gordon, Todd Frazier was the star of the tournament:

did you know that Todd Frazier was also a little league hero? my pops took me to the little league world series when i was 10 yrs old and i saw frazier jack 4 dings and throw a perfect game i think. people were holding up Frazier 3:16 signs. shit was serious. I think they won the title or something. if you could get footage of that shit it would be dope.

Unfortunately, we did not get any footage of that shit, but we did find this lovely tribute video that was made in honor of the Toms River championship team. It would seem that the muses have been singing of Frazier's praises for years.

That's Frazier getting mobbed by his teammates after hitting a home run (presumably with two hands) in the slide at the 30-second mark.


Yesterday I talked to Ron, the owner of a trading card store in Toms River, who helped produce the tribute video. Ron was able to confirm that Frazier was the star of the team. According to Ron, Frazier went 4-4 with a home run in the championship game, and also came on to pitch the last two innings of the game. He also told me that it was apparent, even at a young age, that Frazier would be a successful professional athlete, as he was also a standout high school basketball player. "Every so often you come along a talent, that when you see them as kids, you know that in the future, they're going to become something," Ron said.

Frazier certainly has become something, and that something is America's new favorite baseball player.




The legend continues to grow.

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