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Roberto Alomar Is Clean (From A Legal Point Of View)

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The woman who accused Roberto Alomar of secretly almost giving her the AIDS stuff has withdrawn her $15 million lawsuit, helping Alomar "score a legal victory"—or more accurately "taking his money to go away."

You see, it's all a matter of perspective. The lawsuit accused Alomar of many things—that he was the victim of sexual assault, that he took steroids, suffers from erectile dysfunction, foams at the mouth, and is on death's door with a case of "full-blown" AIDS. But from Alomar's angle he is in "very good health." Now Ilya Dall's lawsuit no longer exists, so Alomar's lawyer thinks that's vindication for his client. "The complaint was withdrawn, which means the lawsuit was withdrawn with prejudice. That speaks for itself. It is over."


That is technically true! Or you could look at it from the judge's perspective and say that a "settlement was reached." So it's more like a "legal non-decision" than "legal victory". (Maybe a "legal quality start"?) Terms were not disclosed, but I'm going out on a limb to say that she did not withdraw her lawsuit out of the goodness of charity. The system works! Unfortunately, now we will never know if Roberto Alomar likes to have unprotected sex with lady arm wrestlers. So maybe the system works, but it's not perfect.

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