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SHOTY Quarterfinals: No. 4 Jay Mariotti vs. No. 5 Jason Whitlock

It's the media subregional! It is worth noting that the only two media folk to make the SHOTY final eight are both former ESPN employees. Well, then, the decks must be swabbed shiny clean over there then.

As always, it is not about the destination but the journey.

No. 4 Jay Mariotti
Bounty hunted.
Missed my bachelor party.
Arrested and charged with improper instigation of schadenfreude.
Freed on bail.
Ripped, grabbed.
Suspended. (And fired, really.)
Defended by quarterfinal opponent.
Inducted into Deadspin Hall of Fame.
Pled no contest.
Quit Twitter.


No. 5 Jason Whitlock
Released the 45th-craziest email Daulerio had actually sent that day.
Got Becky on via Twitter.
Hated my Ebert piece.
Tussled with his own newspaper.
Talked on the radio about his old job, thrilling dozens.

So, who makes the semifinals? Jay Mariotti or Jason Whitlock?


Voting is open until Wednesday morning.

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