Skins Finally Do Something Right, Propose An End To Those Ugly Color Rush Jerseys

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Thursday Night Football is the NFL at its worst. Between the half-rested players and the blindingly ugly uniforms, it’s no wonder that Richard Sherman characterized it as a “poopfest.” Two years ago, the NFL made teams play in monochromatic Nike “Color Rush” jerseys for the express purpose of selling more shit, even though they made the game an indecipherable mess for colorblind fans and generally looked like dumb pajamas. The NFL admitted they had maybe gone too far with the jerseys, and toned it down a bit last season. However, “toning it down” still looks like this.


Next week, league owners will meet to vote on a number of proposed new policies, including the Raiders’ possible move to Vegas. They will also vote on 15 new rules, three resolutions, six new bylaws, one of which is a proposal by Washington to eliminate Color Rush jerseys. The team needed to cite a reason for the proposed bylaw, and they simply said “garish uniforms.”

Conflicting Club Colors

19.9 (B) The home club shall have the option of deciding whether the visiting club shall wear white jerseys or shall wear the colors awarded to the visiting team in any League game, regular season or preseason. The home club is obligated to give written notice to the visiting club and to the Commissioner of its decision on the colors of the jerseys to be worn by the visiting club, which notification must be given by July 1st of the year in which the game is scheduled to be played. If either participating club fails to conform to the jersey colors designated for such game, then there shall be an automatic fine against the offending club of $5,000, which sum shall be payable to the League office; provided, however, that there shall be no discipline imposed upon a club that elects not to utilize the jersey colors designated pursuant to 2014 Resolution BV-2. Despite the foregoing, in the event that the colors of the participating teams as so designated are in conflict for a League game, regular season or preseason, the Commissioner shall have the right to designate the traditional colors to be used by the competing teams in such game.

Submitted by Washington

Effect: Permits clubs to opt out of the “color rush” jerseys created for Thursday Night Football.

Reason: Garish uniforms.

There are plenty of other proposed rules, including one to ban jumping over the line on field goals. The competition committee cited “player safety” as the reason why they proposed shortening overtime to ten minutes. You can read about all of the new rule proposals below.