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Somehow, Jerry Sandusky's Defense Strategy Is Even Worse Than Imagined

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Since Jerry Sandusky's arrest last November, Lawyerin' Joe Amendola has made it ridiculously easy to make fun of his unique brand of lawyerin'. At the same time, given that Lawyerin' Joe decided to drag this case to trial despite all the evidence against his client, it was still reasonable to assume he'd proceed with some kind of working defense strategy. But forget all that.

The prosecution rested its case this morning by calling the mother of Victim 9, the now-18-year-old whose graphic testimony last week included the harrowing detail that Sandusky had made him bleed by anally raping him. Heartbreakingly, the mother told the jury she used to wonder why she couldn't find the boy's underwear in the laundry.


Over to you, Lawyerin' Joe. The first two witnesses called by the defense were former Penn State assistant football coaches Dick Anderson and Booker Brooks, both of whom testified that they, too, had showered with young boys. Yeah, that oughta do the trick. And now comes word that the trial has recessed for the day because the defense is having "technical" problems. Because, of course.

Lawyerin' Joe has said Sandusky will take the stand. But Judge John Cleland said today the defense is expected to rest by noon Wednesday, and as Yahoo's Dan Wetzel points out, that wouldn't leave enough time for what is certain to be an extended cross-examination. At this point, if Sandusky is called to testify, I half-expect him to wear a Groucho mask and bring sock puppets with him to the witness stand.

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