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Goddammit. Football season hasn't even started yet, and the '72 Dolphins have already found a way to weasel their way into the news cycle. The NFL's most insufferable group of old dudes will be visiting the White House next Tuesday so that their undefeated season can be honored.

In case you've forgotten, the '72 Dolphins are awful, and the world would be a much better place if Mercury Morris was never heard from again. Technically, they are the last undefeated team, though of course they won fewer games than the 2007 Patriots while playing in a vastly less competitive league. We still put up with their champagne ceremony and gloating every year when the NFL's last undefeated team finally loses a game, but this visit to the White House is just too much. They weren't even properly invited! The Dolphins brass essentially forced this ceremony into existence. From ESPN:

Dolphins representatives recently raised the idea of honoring the '72 team with the White House.


Current Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is paying expenses for the team's trip. Ross said the entire organization was excited about the invitation.


This ceremony is supposed to be a make-up of sorts for the fact that the team never made it to the White House in 1973 because President Nixon was knee-deep in the Watergate scandal at the time. Keeping the '72 Dolphins out of the White House for over 40 years is perhaps the greatest thing Nixon ever did for this country.


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