This is our last retrospective. You've survived. Go get hammered.

Like everything else in 2008, Deadspin was also subject to "change" and it wasn't always the kind we could believe in. Sometimes it's a necessary evil. Here's a look at some of the seminal, defining moments of this internet location as seen from the eyes of its current and former editor.

"We" had a book


Bissinger vs. Leitch


A post-Bissinger reflection

• "We" leaves


"We" scorches earth on the way out

An interview with Bissinger, for good measure

• "


We" gets epically roasted

"I" enter


No Homo

ESPN reaches out


"I" shit my pants

Big Daddy Balls also authored a book


As did Free Darko


Facebook Commenters commeth

Redesign hell


• Baby Mangino chubs his way to internet stardom

Dashiell hits his stride


Craziness. Obviously, "we've" probably glanced over few things that were high points and low points in this year. For me, personally, it's been...interesting. The site has definitely changed. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes...not so good. It's still a work in progress, but I assure you it's heart is pretty much intact. You might have to dig through a pile of Viking dongs and Erin Andrews to find it, but it's still there. Sometimes you have to do some things you don't like in order to keep the lights on. Sadly, it's how the world works.


But, to those who stuck around through the transition, I thank you for your continued support. To those who left, well, I completely understand. To the new readers: welcome.

2009 will be fun, rewarding, invigorating and, once again, filled with change. Hopefully, it's for the better. Again: contact me anytime.

Be sure to stop by on New Year's Day for Drew's New Year's Jamboroo. It's the best hangover cure available.

Happy New Year. Be safe tonight.