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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

There Was A Big Ol' Brawl Between Patriots Fans At Their Super Bowl Parade

The Patriots held their Super Bowl parade today in Boston, and when you have so many in this short of a span, it gets a little repetitive. The team took a shot at ESPN’s Max Kellerman, because apparently he was this year’s big baddie who needed to be proven wrong. Bionic mastiff Rob Gronkowski and his teammates shed their shirts, although it was about 60 degrees today so it wasn’t that wild. Gronk also drank some nice wine—a clear sign that he’s maturing. The craziest part of the whole event might have been this gaggle of Pats fans fighting.

Who knows why these people who all love the same team started punching each other, but the reason could not possibly be stupid or petty. Maybe some scamp near them threw his voice to say, “I never believed in them!” and that got them going.


Fellas, please. Championship parades are no place to fight. Follow tradition and eat shit instead.

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