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Your p.m. roundup for Sept. 29, the day we learned nothing good will happen when you've got a scarecrow riding shotgun in a stolen golf cart. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.

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Dave Eggers beautifully insufferable interview with DFW forThe Believer in 2003 about finite math and teaching poor kids and writing and LIFE DFW: "Packed into this Q is the idea that what I'm really talking about w/r/t people communicating with each other across specialties is people becoming better teachers, which I'm not sure whether I was saying that or not. Teaching is different, I think, since the students are there voluntarily, and are by definition young and labile and pre-specialized. Anyway, I know that's not what you're asking. I have a lottery-prize-type gig at Pomona: The formal duties are light, the students all have way better SAT scores than I did, and I get to do more or less what I want. I'm doing Intro Fiction right now, which is fun because it's a chance to take kids who are very experienced in literary criticism and paper-writing and to show them there's a totally-in some ways diametrically-different way to read and write. Which would all take a long time to talk about, but for the most part it's big fun, and now that I don't stop and spit brownly into a coffee can every two minutes my credibility with the kids has gone way up; and as long as I don't do something really egregious I think I get to stay as long as I want."[Grantland, Sr.]

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Sept. 30, 2009: Is Deadspin Dead?

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Curt Schilling on Shaughnessy: "Oh btw, don't be fooled,CHB has had an ear to ear smile for 3 days, in his glory,now able to return to his old bitter shell of a writer self" [gerhig38]


This is just adorable:"The Nationals head into the offseason with more optimism than they've had maybe in all seven years they've been in Washington. They have a young core of players who spent all season establishing themselves, and they believe they have the talent to shake things up in the National League East." [Washington Times]

Smart take on provocative photo of Middle Eastern woman wearing a a flesh-tone bra and panty ensemble "Kareena Kapoor is a member of the famous Kapoor film family, making her acting debut with Refugee in 2000. She won a Filmfare Best Female Debut Award for the movie. She is widely recognized for displaying versatility as an actress and has established herself as one of the leading contemporary actresses in the Hindi film industry. "[Gunaxin]


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