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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

This Evening: Welcome To NBA-Player-Slumming-It-In-A-Charity-Game Basketball, Kid

Your p.m. roundup for Aug. 11, the day we learned Facebook had seized all of our phone contacts. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.

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What we're watching (all times EDT, unless noted): There's football, and the NFL version, at that: ESPN is showing Seahawks-Chargers at 8, one of five preseason games on the evening schedule. Baseball-wise, MLB Network has Tigers-Indians at 7 or Brewers-Cardinals at 8. And ESPN2 has been showing Little League World Series regional coverage all day that continues with games at 8 and 10.

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What reading Tarot cards is like … for the card reader: "Disclaimers about entertainment aside, reading for someone else is a tricky thing. To do so for money is even trickier. It's uncomfortable. The mask of the querant drops in their pursuit of an answer much of the time, and you see them whole in some way they don't share with others. Ambition, lust for power, achievement, money, or love-these can show up, not in the querent's cards as much as in the questions they ask you about a reading, or their expressions as you answer. I agreed to do it in a very casual way, in need of extra money, and was suddenly in too close a contact with many people's lives. The best you can do, I think, is stay focused on the cards, and not on the person. If you know them, you try to avoid what you know of them. In some ways, the very best readings are the most impersonal ones, as they allow the querent a chance to understand the cards free of any personal interpretation. The Tarot cards are archetypes, impersonal metaphors, intimate experiences of an impersonal kind. When your cards are read, you drop one idea of yourself and encounter another." [The Morning News]

This Date In Deadspin History

Aug. 11, 2006: The Change Of A Name, But Not Much Else


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NY Giants spokesman takes on NY Giants fans on Twitter: "His night started off with a benign tweet: ‘The condensed offseason has led to hysteria in many quarters -– good and bad. I find the hysteria hysterical.' And then things got interesting. One fan wrote to the Giants spokesman: ‘All teams need to rebuild at one point, I'm not going to panic until the season begins.' To that, Hanlon responded, ‘Re-build my a–! I got your re-build.' Hanlon went on a tear, responding to fan after fan." [WFAN]


The golfer for whom Steve Williams used to caddie continues to struggle: "Woods started Thursday with promise, but ended with a 77, his worst-ever score in a PGA Championship. To make matters worse for Woods, his occasional Ryder Cup partner Steve Stricker posted a record-tying 63, leaving Woods an astonishing 14 shots out of the lead after just the first day." [Yahoo!]

Look closely. It's the Little Olympics: "The size of the media contingent here — there are 29 journalists from Luxembourg, 13 from San Marino, and 13 from Malta — suggests that the Small States Games do not suffer from a lack of coverage in these population-poor nations. But so far as we can tell, we are the only members of the media from outside Europe. When we tell people that we're here from America, we're met with incredulous stares. Liechtensteiners inevitably follow up by asking if we saw the games' circus-themed opening ceremony, a highly spirited, not-quite-Beijing-caliber spectacle featuring a falcon, a clown on stilts, and a giant slip-and-slide. When we confess we got in too late to see the show, their disappointment is obvious. This was Liechtenstein's chance to show off for the world, and the world missed it." [Slate]


Wanna bet? No, really: We're partnering with the crew at WhoBet, where we'll place bets with you in this space from time to time. There's no real money involved, but you might want to participate anyway, just for fun. And you could win a prize. The first bet, which will pay out tomorrow, is below. Check it out.


That first Eagles-Giants game is Sept. 25 in Philly, for those wondering: "Tom Coughlin claims the Giants were promised the opportunity to match any offer free-agent wide receiver Steve Smith received. Smith's agent, Ben Dogra, says he never made such a statement. ‘I did not. I never told them at any point,' Dogra said by phone this afternoon. ‘And, in fact, I'll take it a step further. I told them, 'Hey, I just want to be candid with you, I have another team that's going to be in the mix on a one-year deal.' So I did tell them that. If you have a sense of urgency, sometimes when you have a free agent, you can negotiate against yourself, you negotiate and wait for us or you just negotiate to get a deal done. That's the prerogative of the club. We have no obligation to go back.' Coughlin admitted earlier today the Giants approached the Smith negotiations ‘conservatively' but were never told their offer was too low and needed to be higher. Dogra declined to reveal the Giants' proposal but indicated he communicated to the team that was the case." [Star-Ledger]

Pakistani commerical interlude:

Spoiler alert: "...Dennis Rodman told us Tuesday he will arrive at his Basketball Hall of Fame induction Friday by helicopter. He wanted to enter the Hall on a colorful float, ‘but they wouldn't let me block off the street' in Springfield, Mass. He said he will hire acrobats to perform and 'a couple of my outfits will be ‘out there.' Whatever might be too zany is not too zany.' His marketing agent, Floyd Ragland, said Rodman is spending $60,000 to fly in Penny Marshall, Howard Stern and other friends. Phil Jackson is Rodman's presenter." [Miami Herald]


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Ben Cohen on "The Rucker of the South": "In 2009, when a spindly teenager from Raleigh named John Wall dunked on Jerry Stackhouse, the league's celebrity host, blotches of empty seats dotted the stadium's lower level. But come 2010, about 1,000 people were turned away at the door for an ACC preview between UNC and NC State. It was such a spectacle that one of the absent Tar Heels, Leslie McDonald, immediately got an earful from Harrison Barnes about missing the run. 'I regretted it,' McDonald said." [Grantland]

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