This Here's What You Call A "Danwich"

Illustration for article titled This Here's What You Call A "Danwich"

I love this photo. The expression on Dan Patrick's face, with an Andrews sister on each arm, just seems to scream, "Hey, E.A. Fanboys — SUCK ON THIS ACTION."


It was only earlier this year when we were being inundated with Sideline Princess pics from young men showing off how closely their wrap around Ms. Andrews' waist was at the time. Dan Patrick sees your tentative four-finger grip and comes back with, not only an additional Andrews sister, but a pose that in some social settings would be characterized as a full-on cuddle party.

When it comes to Dan Patrick, we're all inadequate amateurs, it seems. He did have them on his show today, but it appears they didn't even take the time to upload the Andrews segment online. You know, what's the point? The Danwich. Yer all amateurs!


Oh, and FYI about last night's DUAN that I yanked. So I received an email that said that Bob Ryan might have some cancer issues going on, hence the weird facial transmogrification. I felt pretty horrible. But he went on Around The Horn today and said that the shit going on with his face was a dermatological procedure done for preventative skin cancer reasons and that he's all good. Great news. So it's back up.

Anyway, thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Please go buy your kids some Craque. Not in Alabama, though, because they have some serious crack problems that are not as sweet and savory.