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Trampoline Wars: Rebounderz And AirHeads Battle Over Where Joba Chamberlain Was Injured

We didn't ask for this, to get caught up in Florida's trampoline arena turf war. We just wanted to point out the incongruity of a major league ballplayer suffering a horrific injury at a child's playplace. But there's no going back.

On Tuesday, we received a letter from a Rebounderz executive taking issue with our implication that Joba Chamberlain suffered an open dislocation and massive blood loss at a Rebounderz facility. He informed us that the injury actually took place at AirHeads USA, a rival trampoline arena, and told us how Rebounderz and AirHeads are no strangers to each other in court (including a "cease and assist" letter) due to copyright infringement claims.


Today we got a follow-up from Rebounderz, as always on that delightful Rebounderz letterhead. That letter is below, but it says that maybe Rebounderz was too hasty in shifting the blame to AirHeads.

After further investigation, it has become clear to us that the accident took place at a different location in the Tampa area and not AirHeads USA.

Well, this just opens up all sorts of questions. Did Rebounderz slander AirHeads? Was it an undercover AirHeads operative that initially (and erroneously) told us the injury had taken place at Rebounderz? And if Chamberlain's injury didn't take place at either of these, how many damn trampoline arenas are there in Florida, and where did he get hurt? Under-21 Jump Street? The BounceHaus? Spring Chickens? Boingboing Estates? Jumpin' Jehosaphat's Old Timey Tramporama?

The mystery continues.


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