Tim Tebow's Baseball Career May Be Resurrected This Spring

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By pretty much any and every baseball metric, aspiring outfielder Timothy R. Tebow did not have a successful stint in the Arizona Fall League. His .194 batting average (.242 slugging) included 20 strikeouts in 70 plate appearances. But when it comes to attracting interest (guilty) in otherwise meaningless games, Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, best-selling author, and regular miracle-performer Tim Tebow is a star.

So, frankly, there was never much mystery about which Tebow Mets manager Terry Collins was referring to when he told media members at the Winter Meetings on Tuesday that, “I can tell you, I certainly hope you will see Tim Tebow in some of our [spring training] games.”


Collins praised Tebow as a “big boy” who “know[s] how to win games,” but when pressed about whether the 29-year-old deserves a spring training spot despite a snowball’s chance in H-E-double-hockey-sticks of making the majors, he doubled down on the, hm, ancillary benefits of Tebow mania.

I will tell you if he’s not in our camp, I’ll get him over. I think he’s a name in Florida. He’s a star in Florida. He should be. I think it would be fun to have Tim come over.

And certainly one thing about our players, they’re athletes, too. They’re fans, too. They would probably like to know how to run a quarterback sneak one day.


God damn it, Mets.