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We Need To Talk About Russell Westbrook

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We’re officially in the slowest part of the sports calendar: There is no real basketball on (get out of here, we’re not counting Summer League), soccer just wrapped up its summer tournaments, baseball is in the dead zone between the All-Star Game and September, and so on. But the streets demand the Deadcast in all its sticky, sweaty glory, and so we march on once again, ready to scream into the void while everyone else is hanging out at pools, or drinking frosé, or whatever it is normal people do when the temperature creeps towards the triple digits.

The illustrious Roth is on vacation this week, so Drew invited Deadspin’s resident soccer idiot (me) on to talk about the Women’s World Cup, Ashlyn Harris’s instantly iconic Instagram stories, and the potentially unhealthy levels of champagne consumption. We also touched on the ever-changing NBA, which meant trying to figure out which Los Angeles team is the top dog, whether Russell Westbrook and Jimmy Butler would murder each other on the court, and the value of salary dumps.


And of course, we reached into the slimy recesses of the Funbag to see what fresh horrors would come out. We argued various states’ claims to being the scariest in the country (special shout-out to underrated candidate Iowa), deliberated upon the Mendoza Line, and came to terms with the fact that neither of us would be good superheroes. So go forth and listen, but if you need your friendly neighborhood Deadcaster to save your cat from the branches of an oak tree, please do not expect either of us to help.

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