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Week In Deadspin: Killing The Messengers

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• For the last time, please do not let your children go to the University of Miami.
• More athlete run-in stories than anyone could possibly handle.
• and Scott Stapp are here TO ROCK YOU.
• Wait ... professors at USC actually expect players to attend class? What kind of racket you people running here?
• Chad Johnson makes us more happy than sunshine and rainbows.
• Your favorite Clinton Portis character is Sheriff Gonna Getcha. Ours is Dr. I Don't Know. We can still be friends, despite our differences.
• Even if you hate NASCAR, you'll love Jeff MacGregor.
• We give you Dennis Rodman updates from both coasts.
• Jay Bilas ... television magician.


And we said goodbye to Oddjack, which made us very sad.

Have a nice weekend. See you Monday. Enjoy the weight gain.

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