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Week In Review: Gobble...Gobble...Make It Rain

• The week just kept getting worse and worse for Pacman Jones.
• Peeing in the backseat of a cop car? Bad idea.
• Michael Irvin, ESPN hardly knew ye.
• Taking way too long to destroy a mascot.
• This is what it has come to: Rocky Balboa is on steroids.
One bad-ass hockey fight.
• Tom Brady, procreatin'.
• Delonte West has a way with the ladies.
• Fuzzy Zoeller hates those Internet lies.
• That's all for The Chief.
• It's almost tourney time again.
Not a good time to bring out the "soccer players can't use their hands" joke.
• And we kicked off our baseball previews.


Honestly, our new scanner is a dangerous thing indeed. That's all for us; The Mighty MJD will be with you all weekend while we type offline feverishly and pretend that we don't care about the Oscars when we obviously do (and have won our Oscar party pool five years running). We'll see you Monday; be safe out there.

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