Upon seeing the photo from this morning's Wake Up Deadspin post about Chicago Blackhawk John Scott beating Kings enforcer Kevin Westgarth into bloody submission, astute reader Anarchy Salad posed a very interesting scenario.

I used to live in Chicago and when I saw the bloody hockey fight/pink blackberry story, I immediately thought the blond in the pic was Jen Patterson...you guys wrote a little story about here a while back:


I'm not 100% sure, but it looks a lot like her. Also, a quick google image search shows a picture of her sitting in the front row of another Blackhawks game (no evidence of pink blackberry cover though).


My initial instinct was to convene an I-Team investigation after a simple game of compare-and-contrast led to one conclusion: "Hmm, could be, but the game was in Los Angeles."

So, Deadspin I-Team members in Chicago, Los Angeles and elsewhere: Activate!