Whether it's the joke fodder, or just our own primal fears of filling in standardized test bubbles, we're always oddly anticipating the release of selected players' Wonderlic scores. Yes, those scores are supposed to be confidential, but the leaking of scores has been tradition for a few years now.

We've been down this road before, marveling over high scores, laughing at the low, and all the while admitting that they have no correlation with football success. So while it's kind of tongue-in-cheek news, it's still news, as Tweeted by Mort and parroted by PFT. And us, of course, because if you said you weren't curious, you're lying.


Greg McElroy: 43; Blaine Gabbert: 42; Christian Ponder: 35; Ricky Stanzi: 30; Andy Dalton: 29; Ryan Mallett: 26; Cam Newton: 21; Jake Locker: 20. Everyone did pretty well! I think the class deserves a pizza party.