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Harrison Bader of the St. Louis Cardinals is really, really fast, but that speed certainly does not give him license to behave in a disrespectful manner! Thursday night against the Reds, Bader tried to go from first to third on a blooper to right field, which practically invited the rally-suffocating sequence that followed. Did he not realize that was rocket-armed Yasiel Puig out there in right?


Puig barely had the ball in his glove before he’d made a clean exchange and unloaded a bullet of a throw to third, where Bader was nabbed by a couple feet. The icing on the cake is pinch-hitter Edmundo Sosa trying to sneak in behind the play and get to second base, but over-sliding the bag and getting tagged out to turn a lucky hit into a bases-clearing mess. That weird-ass 9-5-6 double play is the universe tsk-tsking the Cardinals for daring to take the extra base on a ball hit in front of Yasiel Puig. The fools.

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