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You Can Never Get Rid Of Matt Millen. Ever.

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Sometimes big fan movements make a difference, changing the course of sports through a considerable mix of gumption and volume, like with the Rory Fitzpatrick NHL All-Star balloting, which still has a chance to send him into the starting lineup.


And then there's the Fire Millen movement. Lions fans have been trying to rid themselves of the ineffectual general manager for, jeez, five years now? And it has done nothing, made no difference, done nothing but make him stronger. At this point, it seems clear that Matt Millen's never going to leave Detroit, and he could care less. This weekend is yet another "Fire Millen" protest in Detroit, almost exactly a year since the last one. But Matt Millen will outlast us all; we not only think he'll survive in Detroit, we expect him to be running two or three other franchises by the end of the decade.

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