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The USC Song Girls have already given us so much. We've thrilled to their daring poolside athleticism, shown concern over their reckless abuse of our natural resources, marveled at their bikini greatness, investigated their booties and laughed at their sheer, utter blondness. They even write for ESPN!


So they hold a special place in out hearts, as they do for you I'm sure. That's why we anticipate the new crop of talent with the same eagerness of the NFL Draft, with the added bonus of there being no booing Jets fans. As the photo here shows, we have a real prospect coming on board this year: Lindsey (on the left), it appears, has all the tools; and she's already one of Busted Coverage's Top 3 USC Song Girls To Watch This Season. With her anchoring the team, it should be a fun year. Aug. 30th at Virginia can't come soon enough.

Early Contender For USC Song Girl Of The Year [Busted Coverage]

World Famous USC Song Girls

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