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Hell hath no fury like a college football analyst scorned, apparently. ESPN college football analyst Trev Alberts was canned yesterday after refusing to come into work on Sunday, which, on Labor Day Weekend, is kind of a key day for college football analysts to work. Apparently Alberts was frustrated by all the publicity given to Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso, said he wanted a bigger role and, when refused, took his makeup and teleprompter and went home. Or stayed home. Or whatever.

ESPN head-honcho-in-impending-exile Mark Shapiro decreed:

"He phoned and said that he wasn't going to show up," Mark Shapiro, ESPN's Vice President of Programming and Production, told on Tuesday night, "and when he didn't, he was in breach of his contract and we terminated him."

You think that's cold? Wait until Shapiro, in his new job as head of Six Flags, gets a hold of Yosemite Sam.

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